– Author Guido Leurs –

Goodbye summer. Hello fall! Roots Rotterdam, Hilton Hotel‘s restaurant have launched an autumn menu featuring brand new seasonal items with harvest flavors that are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Paul Dingjan, Executive Chef, created a delightful and creative menu with his talented team. We had the pleasure to try and experience a 3-course menu during an exclusive autumn party together with our blogger Lena and the owner of the INCONCEPTstore.

A mystical and almost fairytale looking gin tonic! 

We’ve always loved the Hilton Hotels and especially the one in Rotterdam. Roots Rotterdam, the Hilton’s restaurant, is a true hidden gem in the center of the city. The open kitchen, Chef’s table and the fall decoration sets the tone for a relaxed, upscale dining experience.

Roots is known to appeal to all senses and the way they serve their drinks is no stranger to that. On arrival, we immediately saw something magical happening at the bar. A mystical and almost fairytale looking gin tonic in a beautiful glass with a slice of orange, cloves and, my free pass, delicious Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin. A dangerous mixture because we love us some gin tonic. The standard was set and we couldn’t wait to move to the Chef’s table.

1 table, 20 seats and a 3-course menu

Amuse of toasted bread, green and eel

After a word of welcome by Marketing Executive Nikki Schouwenburg, we all moved through the Roots restaurant to the Chef’s table. A 20 person long table decorated with pine cones, moss and mushrooms. Not only the decorations was on spot but there was a subtle fall fragrance coming from it.

“Creating a seasonal menu is crucial because each ingredient
is best enjoyed in their own season”

After finding our name plates we were introduced to Chef Paul Dingjan. He really talked with passion and pride about his dishes. Explaining that each dish was carefully created by using the best products in collaboration with local and regional farmers. “Creating a seasonal menu is crucial because each ingredient is best enjoyed in their own season”.

The evening started with an amuse of toasted bread, green and eel on top. As this was my first time tasting eel, I must say it was delicious and I would eat it again next time. Btw did I mentioned that with every course a complementary wine was served that enhanced the flavors of each dish. Pfffff…. Roots is really thinking of every single taste bud.

On to our first course. Baked ray wing with parsnip, hazelnut butter, capers and lemon. A delicate dish with rich flavors and textures. Definitely on top of my list.

Roasted wild duck breast

Continuing to our second course. Roasted wild duck breast with braised duck bolt, potato chanterelles and green cabbage a dish I was eager to taste. The flavour combination paired excellent with the complementary red wine. And not to speak about the presentation. Orange/ red plates, the perfect fall colours that makes the experience even better.

Millionaire’s biscuit

Last but not least to top everything a Millionaire’s biscuit with crème caramel and peer. To end this evening with this particular dessert is an experience that creates an environment where you will feel all warm and fuzzy, and hopefully be inspired to come back to Roots Rotterdam.

You might think – Guido, but this has must cost a fortune – well I can tell you that it’s very affordable. You can enjoy the 3-course fall menu for only €37,- plus a matching wine pairing, selected by their sommelier, for only €18,-

Check out the ROOTS of the fall menu here and I’ll might see you there.