– Author Lena Bâunker –

When doing my grocery shopping, I often feel swamped by the seemingly unlimited choice of different brands and goods. Have you ever stood in front of a large supermarket racket full of soft drinks and started counting all the various flavours, colours and brands? I’m not much of a lemonade drinker, so I don’t really have a brand preference – but whenever I invite friends over for dinner or drinks, I like to offer more than just tab water or coffee (tried it once, but apparently, there are people who aren’t that much into coffee as me). This often leaves me clueless in the supermarket. What shall I buy?

Luckily, there are companies that help me make a decision. I really like brands which support the good cause; which strive for more than just profit or growth. One of them is Lemonaid.

“Passion Fruit is by far my favourite!”

At Lemonaid it’s all about social drinking – not to be confused with after work drinks with colleagues -, but drinking for social change. Each bottle contains only organic ingredients and is Fairtrade-certified. 5 cents per bottle bought are allocated for social projects in farming regions to support farmers and their families.

Apart from that, Lemonaid does not only care about charity, but also about great taste! Normally, I don’t like most soft drinks because they’re too sweet or taste “chemically”, but Lemonaid drinks are different. Not too sweet, not too plastic – just fresh and natural.

Passion Fruit is by far my favourite! It combines passion fruit from Sri Lanka and mango from India – tastes as refreshing and exotic as it sounds. Lime is great for mixing – goes very well with some gin and cucumber! My friends were delighted when I invited them for Lemonaid cocktails.

Another plus: Lemonaid has its roots in Hamburg, my former hometown (and the most beautiful city in Germany).  The Lemonaid-guys and girls are from St. Pauli, a vibrant and bohemian area in the city, where I used to spend most of my Thursday nights – but that’s a whole different story. Be that as it may, drinking Lemonaid in Rotterdam gives me that at home feeling when I’m suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgia.