Historic Delfshaven is an area in Rotterdam that is not quite central but, if you’re there it’s worth the trip. By Loes is located on the Voorhaven at the Aelbrechtskolk. From the terrace, you’ll have a mesmerizing view of the nostalgic canals, historic buildings, and the windmill.


It was a Sunday afternoon and we were thinking, where you could enjoy a nice and quiet lunch in Rotterdam without the crowds of cars, trams or the city around you. One of us suggested going to Delfshaven. Once we arrived I was amazed at the fact how I could forget this picturesque part of Rotterdam. I remember I once walked in the narrow streets and unusual courtyards when I moved to Rotterdam. It always gave me a homey and safe feeling.The exclusive shops and many art galleries make this piece of historical Rotterdam even more special.


Try the Liver Ham on lightly toasted sourdough bread made from smoked ham from a Limburg monastery pig, salad with dressing, sundried tomatoes and a tapenade of fried bacon, pearl onions, pine nuts with a veal stock dressing. Or choose the Vitelli tomato of slow-cooked veal in a green pepper, mustard and tarragon marinade, salad with a dressing, tuna mayonnaise, capers and haricot verts with a strong mustard. Our take on a Salad Nicosia.

TIP: Be sure to make a reservation on the weekends since it can be very busy!

Check out their website: bijloesdelfshaven.nl or visit them at:

Bij Loes

Voorhaven 35
Tel: 010 4773453

Opening hours
Wednesday till Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00