– Author Ileenja Marina –

Since 2016 there is a new Bistro Bar “Hotspot” in the neighborhood Kralingen. At BOMM (Best Of MoMents) you can choose whether to enjoy a hearty breakfast, relaxing afternoon lunch or to have a pleasant (shared) dinner in the evening. If you appreciate a good cocktail be sure to visit one of their Gin Tonic nights.

Next to their specialty gins BOMM also serves a homemade Hugo with Prosecco, elderflower syrup, sparkling water, lime and mint. As well as a Lychee ice wine, the BOMM signature drink with dry white wine, lychee liquor and fresh lychee. But if you’re more of a wine lover go for the wine pairing that complements each dish.

“Each pipeline represents a metro line and together
they form the Rotterdam metro system”

Blogger event

Our latest blogger Ileenja Marina had the pleasure to be invited to this event. This was her opportunity to get to know Bomm Bistro Bar even better. And we can tell you that she certainly succeeded! Read her experience below.

Enjoy together

Bomm’s interior is already something worth the visit. The industrial elements really catches the eye. Pipeline on the ceiling that represent the metro lines of our beautiful Rotterdam. Each pipeline represents a metro line and together they form the Rotterdam metro system. Furthermore, upstairs there is a cozy corner for you to enjoy and outside waits a lovely terrace.

Testing our taste buds

During the event we got to taste the different specialties Bomm has to offer. The Bomm platter with their signature mini burgers (meat from quality butcher Nice To Meat) accompanied by a delicious soup, fresh oysters and a French Mediterranean salad, that really tested our taste buds. We also had the pleasure to taste the oven-baked sea bass, U.S. Creekstone farm beef stew and a super tender venison steak. As for dessert their autumn special: the cold bourbon, smoked fudge brownie with heavy cream pistachio and amareno ice cream underneath a glass bell filled with smoke. Definitely worth the show!
At the end of the evening BOMM spoiled us with a delicious goodie bag filled with several desserts and my favorite: the gingerbread pear cake!

Meet up

It was fun to meet other fellow bloggers; from fashion to food. And the best thing is that we all have one thing in common, we all love food!

Special thanks to

Steven Cheng thank you for the hospitality and Michelle van Woensel thank for you for again an amazing evening!
Check out their menu here.