Two weeks ago I hosted the first edition of Bloggers Social! A unique bloggers event where we visited four restaurants together with 15 influential bloggers from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Eindhoven. During our visit we got to know the story behind the restaurant, which products they use and of course we had the opportunity to taste some signature dishes. A few of us even had the privilege to learn first-hand how to make Flat white coffee or how to shake some awesome cocktails.

The day started at Flat White Coffee on the Coolsingel. My favourite new place to sit, relax and work! Since I am that guy who always orders Latte Macchiato’s, the owners (Henk & Ciara) explained that the Flat White coffee is based on espresso with an evenly layer milk and foam. It does tast a lot like an espresso, but more delicious. As of now on I’m hooked!




Also Man met Bril came to visit us at Flat White Coffee. Jelly (supplier and coffee roaster) explained us the different techniques and procedures the coffee beans go through before they can be used. Can you imagine that he tastes around 80 coffees when tasting the product?



After Flat White Coffee we went walking towards the Markthal. We all know that I regularly visit Wah Nam Hong Restaurant but now I had 15 other people with me to show them around. After a short introduction of my dearest friend Caroline, we had the chance to taste some delicious steamed buns with pork and chicken. In the meantime we got a bit of inside information about Korean cooking by the Kimchi Masterchef.




As a surprise we were invited to visit the downstairs restaurant Super Sauer Korean Streetfood. A small Korean Streedfood bar where they serve delicious Sushi Burritos. I mean really delicious! We tried three different dishes. First the Rolling Bull-Kogi made out of 100% marinated minced beef, carrot, avocado, sesame seeds, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and mayonnaise. Second, Tuni in Bibimbap with green salad, tuna, lime, avocado, sesame seeds, sesame oil, carrot, scallion, coriander, daikon, soy sause, mayonnaise and of course rice. Last but not least we were treated to a specially made Kimchi rice by the Kimchi Masterchef.





After a short break we went on with our food tour towards Alan en Pim’s Chicken restaurant. Their concept is very simple but super clear: tasty chicken with influences from different international cultures! First of we were served a Tom Ka Kai Soup made of chicken broth with coconut, lemongrass and red peppers. Second the famous (also for kids) Kippeling, homemade nuggets with a dash of lemon on top.




After these two satisfying dishes we still had two courses to go. Next up the Pulled chicken bitter sweet BBQ on a hotdog bun along with chive, coleslaw, romaine lettuce, bbq sauce and red peppers. And as a non-hotdog lover, yes you’ve read that correct, I will say that this one is my new favourite at Alan and Pim’s. Last but not least we tried the chocomousse choccocrumble a sweet and delicious dessert to end our tour at Alan and Pim’s. Read more on Alan and Pim’s on my previous blog here.




After eating in total almost eight different dishes we were all a bit stuffed. And well, what better way of transportation to our next location NY Basement then taking the Watertaxi!! I think a few of us got a bit nauseous, but luckily kept smiling. Can you imagine 18 people spread out in two water taxi’s rocking on the waves of the Maas river. Best plan ever!





We finally arrived at NY Basement a trendy restaurant and cocktail bar in the basement of the nostalgic and distinctive Hotel New York building at the end of Wilhelmina pier. After settling down the bartenders showed us how to make some distinctive cocktails and even some of us had the opportunity to help out. Check out their awesome and quirky named cocktails menu here.





In between we were again spoiled with some amazing looking dishes. A cold starter made from North sea crab with salmon, radish apple, avocado cream, curry mayonnaise and fennel cremeux. And a Sweetbread main course made with cheek of veal, oxheart cabbage, mushrooms, potato mousseline and a source of cepes.



At the end of the day every bloggers received two goodie bags filled with some amazing items. A coffee date voucher for two from Flat White Coffee, six Asian product for cooking from Wah Nam Hong, a cap and lighter from Alan and Pim’s, homemade nougat from Hotel New York, a bag of tea from Tea Village, discount voucher from Thuis bij Schell, Marie-Stella-Maris water bottles of ING Bank, canvas bag of Donner Bookstore, and of course my Travel Guide: Discover my City, Rotterdam and two Rotterdam postcards.

Are you interested in joining the next Bloggers Social? Sign up by sending an email here and I’ll contact you as soon the date is known.