Let me introduce myself!

Nice to see you’re interested in Discover my City, Rotterdam. My name is Guido Leurs (1984) and I grew up in Alphen aan den Rijn. At the age of 18, I moved to Rotterdam and fell in love with the city. Every week I went off, looking for the best hotspots. I was soon asked by my friends and family, who came to visit from abroad, to give them a tour of the city. I noticed that there was little information about the city in English so I decided to combine my passion and work. I wrote, designed, photographed and illustrated ‘Discover my City, Rotterdam’ so that everyone can enjoy the city as I do.

What is my story?

Growing up in a small town had its limitations. I always said to myself “I can’t wait to get out of this place!” Whilst I mostly enjoyed growing up in a small town, I always knew that I wanted to experience the excitement of living in a modern, urban city. That time finally came after graduation. I was finally free to do whatever I wanted. Although nervous, I was mostly excited and asked myself many questions; where would I begin? Who would I meet? But more importantly, where would I move to? I had so many unanswered questions, but nothing prepared me for the exciting adventure I was going to embark on when I moved to Rotterdam, the city I fell in love with.

Over the past months, I have worked as a part-time food blogger for one of the biggest and most famous food-minded websites of Rotterdam. This presented me with the unique opportunity to learn about the fantastic restaurants of Rotterdam. This sparked the idea of a travel guide filled with the stories and experiences of not only myself but those of real Rotterdammers! For the eager traveller, with the amount of guides out there it is more important than ever to find the best travel guide. You can plan all you want, but you can’t get the same experience as with a well-connected personal guide. Join us, meet the people, touch the history, taste the food, feel the nature and enjoy all the venues that Rotterdam has to offer.

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