Our Rotterdam writers

Guido Leurs – Founder/ Writer

Lena Bäunker – Writer

Lena Bäunker moved to Rotterdam from Germany in september 2017 to study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a Rotterdam rookie she will share her experiences of the city as seen through her eyes.

Aron Beijl – Photographer/ Writer

Growing up in a small rural town on the outskirts of the city, Aron Beijl (or AronBagel if that’s easier to pronounce) has now taken on the challenge of combining his love of photography, coffee and exploration by showing you the best Rotterdam has to offer.

Seiichi Rouwet – Model/ Writer

Seiichi Rouwet is a model for over 8 years and addicted to Instagram. She loves to explore new venues in the city for her fashion photography. She has been born in Limburg, grown up as a gipsy in a camper in Spain and now living in Rotterdam since 2012. You would think she would know the city by now but nothing is more true, she just started to explore and is going to share her experiences with you.

Nefeli Mintilogliti – Writer

Nefeli Mintilogliti grew up in Greece and since 2014 lives and works in Rotterdam. She loves reading books, visiting museums and art galleries and exploring new places to eat. She will share her experiences with you and her view of the city and the Dutch culture through an expat’s eyes.

Ileenja Marina – Blogger/ Photographer 

Ileenja Marina, 23 years, living in Rotterdam and also known as blogger and founder of ileenjamarina.com. She is sharing her work and passion for photography with you through her social media channels, Instagram and Facebook. Here you can find the most fun and most delicious places of The Netherlands, that she would like to share with all of you. “Nothing is more fun, as making your passion for food, travelling and photography, your work and hopefully inspire others”.

Alice Wordsworth – Theatre Director/ Writer

Alice is a freelance Theatre Director and Artistic Director & Producer of Rumble Theatre, who works with new writers to explore the human condition. She splits her time between London and Rotterdam and similarly splits her work “I direct in London and Produce when I’m in Rotterdam. I am continually inspired by this city and stimulated with new ideas everyday”.

Sarafina van Ast – Art student/ Writer

Sarafina van Ast aka SHINKUSARA born and raised in Rotterdam, is an art student at the Willem de Kooning Academy. She loves her city, Rotterdam,  and all the cultures that comes with it. A true foodie, animal lover and skincare addict.

Maaike Allard – Freelance copywriter/ event producer

After a short career as a nurse, Maaike decided to turn left, onto the creative path. As a freelance copywriter and event producer, she prefers to work within the art & culture, food and sustainability sectors. She moved to Rotterdam four years ago, to kick off her new career at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and it’s highly unlikely she will leave this city soon as there is still too much to discover.

Kay Nozarick – Serial food lover & traveller/ Writer

Kay prides herself on being a serial food lover, traveller and beer enthusiast. Born and raised in the big city of London, she found herself being Rotterdam’s newest resident and biggest fan by a happy accident.

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