Our Rotterdam writers


Guido Leurs (The Netherlands)



Lena Bäunker (Germany)

Lena Bäunker moved to Rotterdam from Germany in september 2017 to study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a Rotterdam rookie she will share her experiences of the city as seen through her eyes.


Aron Beijl  (The Netherlands)

Growing up in a small rural town on the outskirts of the city, Aron Beijl (or AronBagel if that’s easier to pronounce) has now taken on the challenge of combining his love of photography, coffee and exploration by showing
you the best Rotterdam has to offer.


Seiichi Rouwet (The Netherlands) 

Seiichi Rouwet is a model for over 8 years and addicted to Instagram. She loves to explore new venues in the city for her fashion photography. She has been born in Limburg, grown up as a gipsy in a camper in Spain and now living in Rotterdam since 2012. You would think she would know the city by now but nothing is more true, she just started to explore and is going to share her experiences with you.

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