It’s getting colder again, the days are shorter and the leafs are turning into the most beautiful shades of brown, orange and red! It’s that time of the year when we seek comfort in nice and cozy places that are close to home -since it rains a lot in The Netherlands-. I was looking for a place with good coffee, good food, with a nice atmosphere and most importantly in my neighbourhood Crooswijk!

Three passionate and very enthusiastic young ladies.

Last May, I was invited by my lovely neighbour to celebrate her birthday at a local coffee bar in Crooswijk called CROOS. CROOS is a nice and comfy coffee bar where I immediately felt at home. The owners Linda, Janneke and Iris are three passionate and very enthusiastic young ladies. All three ladies live in Crooswijk so that makes it even better, a place that is run and owned by the neighbourhood.


The robust interior with wooden tables and chairs, half brick walls and relaxing sofas gives you that warm and home-like feeling. The flower arrangements, magazines, kids play area and the smell of freshly baked pies only emphasises this. It’s also a nice area to work at while enjoying a nice cup of Man met Bril coffee or a Evermore tea. CROOS is a spacious place divided into three different rooms. They have great wi-fi and a power outlet at every table, which is very convenient.

Make sure you ask about their homemade soups because it’s super delicious!

Breakfast, lunch and more
At CROOS they do not only serve drinks but will also satisfy you with homemade dishes. They serve breakfast from 09.30 till 11.30 and I suggest you try Ontbijtje CROOS which includes coffee or tea, fresh juice, a croissant, a slice of bread, ham, cheese, jam and an egg. Or if you would like something lighter you can go for yoghurt with granola, fruit and honey. For lunch I would suggest the grilled cheese sandwich with chorizo and chutney or a sandwich Burrata (mozzarella and cream) with grilled veggies and pesto. Make sure you ask about their homemade soups because it’s super delicious! The rest of the day you can choose from a wide selection of sandwiches, bites and not to forget the homemade pies. Check out their menu


Check out their website: CROOS Rotterdam or visit them at:

CROOS Rotterdam

Exercitiestraat 2b
Tel: 010 341 19 49

Opening hours
Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Thursday: 09:30 – 17:00
Friday – Sunday: 09.30 – 18.00