Oh the power of social media! Let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the new places that are opening in Rotterdam. As part of my research I use social media to find out where the next hotspots and must-see places are. I came across Koffiehandel Pretoria Espressobar on Instagram while searching for new places to visit. It looked comfy and homey, a place that I would enjoy. A lot of people probably already knew about this place but I have to admit, I didn’t!

I immediately noticed the relaxed and feel-like-home atmosphere


So I took the metro to Rijnhaven to meet my good friend and her new born baby. As I entered the coffee place the barista greeted me nice and smiled in a way that felt welcoming! We sat down and I immediately noticed the relaxed and feel-like-home atmosphere. At Pretoria they offer a good range of beverages such as a classic cappuccino, the therapeutic Chai Latte and Fritz-Kola, which I remember from my trip to Hamburg. Besides drinks they serve breakfast, brunch and lunch with toasts, sandwiches, a day soup, killer muffins and sweet pies.


The interior is complementing the place! They have a nice sofa and lazy chairs upstairs ready for you to be seated, school like chairs and wooden benches below. If you haven’t already visited Pretoria, be sure to do so!

Check out their website: Koffiehandel Pretoria or visit them at:

Koffiehandel Pretoria Espressobar

Bloemfonteinstraat 78C
Tel: 010 230 91 76

Opening hours
Monday till Saturday: 08:00 – 17:30