– Author Maaike Allard –

If you’re looking for something special to add to your diner table or to bring to a get-together with friends, you should definitely try the products of ‘Festival in a Bottle’. It’s fancy, simple and can be easily adjusted to your own taste. 

Festival in a Bottle is a young company (2015), based in Rotterdam. They’re inspired by the traditional 18th century recipes for making liqueurs and turned that into a modern concept by producing DIY bottles filled with different combinations of dried fruits and spices. It invites you to create your own variation, simply by adding your favourite rum, vodka, gin or wine.

As a real wine lover, I was very curious to try their Sangria-bottles. There are three different flavours available, all meant to be mixed with white wine; Strawberry, Cranberry & Apple and Berries. I’ve tried the last two.

Like said before, it’s very simple to make your own Wine Festival. All you have to do is choose your favourite white wine (0,7L), add it to the bottle with fruits and spices and put it back in the fridge for about one hour. Stir the mixture every 20 minutes to ensure that all flavours are released, et voila! Your Wine Festival is ready to rumble.

I added my favourite house wine to both bottles; l’Arjolle côtes de thongue. An easy to drink Sauvignon Blanc – Viognier, which I’ve discovered during a wine tasting from ‘Wijnkoperij Platenburg’ – one of the oldest (1894) and most specialized wine shops of the Rijnmond region. The l’Arjolle has a floral and fruity character with nuances of peach and apple, which made a real nice combination with both of the Sangria’s.

Once your sangria is done, you can choose to serve it in a regular wineglass, with or without the berries and spices. If you don’t want to have the berries floating around in your drink, I’d suggest using a strainer. Of course you can also choose to turn this drink into something really special by pouring it into a coupe or cocktail glass and adding some garnish. Either way you will definitely impress your friends when you bring this to the table!

You can purchase Festival in a Bottle online at: www.festivalinabottle.com or instore at Inconcept Live Magazine – Coolsingel 83, Rotterdam.