Yesterday was one of those memorable days! We were invited to the official opening of the Indonesian week ‘We love Asia a culinary trip’ in the Markthal. We send out our first guest blogger Toko May to attend the event and tell us her experience. Toko May prepares home made Indonesian dishes according her family recipes. 

When I was asked to attend the official opening of the Indonesian week, I immediately said yes! I heard Ambassador H.E.I. Gusti A. Wesaka Puja from the Indonesian Embassy would be opening the event and that there would be a few Indonesian master chefs attending. As a home cook I love to see how they prepare their dishes. On arrival I was welcomed by the lovely Caroline Wimmers of Marketing for Foodies and Detty Janssen the hosts of the event. After meeting the many press and food bloggers the busy program started. After a short introduction by Caroline, each master chef explained which dish they made and of course gave us the chance to try it out!

I had the privilege to meet the chef, taste his food and
experience what many others have done before

First of was Executive Chef Yudi Yahya from Rock Salt Chili Pepper restaurant in Brussels. He introduced us to his version of the strong and rich traditional Indonesian beef black soup, Rawon. As a kid I always enjoyed this dish when my parents made it for us, so I was very curious how it tasted. It was slightly different than what I am used to but it wasn’t strange at all. Definitely flavourful.

Straight after, we were introduced to Executive Chef Hendra Subandril of Restaurant Blauw in Amsterdam. This is one of those restaurants I always wanted to go to and now I had the privilege to meet the chef, taste his food and experience what many others have done before. He prepared us his version of Soto Betawi made from beef broth with lemon grass, bean sprouts, lime and beef. My family always made Soto Ayam, a soup of chicken broth with lemon grass, bean sprouts, rice, egg, shredded chicken and crispy onions. But Chef Hendra Subandril’s version was a pleasant experience. Can’t wait to go and visit Restaurant Blauw soon!

chefsfrom left to right: Executive Chef Yudi Yahya, Executive Chef Hendra Subandril,
Chef Fitri Chandra and Chef Jimmy Lo Hamzah.

Representing the ladies! I met the lovely Chef Fitri Chandra of the Sheraton Hotel Amsterdam. She prepared us her version of Kwetiau. A stir fried noodle dish with lots of flavour and spices. She served her significant dish with with acar (pickles vegetables) and fried shallot sprinkles. Definitely one of my favourites!

Last up was the Chef and owner of Bali James in Breda, Jimmy Lo Hamza, serving us his Nasi Goreng. He only uses the finest ingredients mixed with carefully balanced flavours. The dish tasted light, fresh and more as a modern Indonesian journey. I admire him for being a restaurant owner and chef at the same time.

Come and visit the Markthal until November 13th during the Indonesian week where Restaurant Wah Nam Hong will be serving these significant dishes of the chefs for only €12,50 a dish. You can also experience and taste Wonderful Indonesia at the Indonesian Paviljoen on the market floor (stand 70). This whole week they will introduce all new Indonesian products which can also be bought at the Wah Nam Hong Supermarket.

Check back on Thursday where I will be telling you more about this great day, the Indonesian Paviljoen, Balinese dancers and how I learned how to make Tempe.