My favourite coffee place in the Koopgoot. Metro Café is located right in the centre of the city, next to the metrostation Beurs, the perfect location for the take away concept of the Bijenkorf. I had the opportunity to pay them a visit!

Drinking a coffee together with friends, family or just relaxed by yourself in a coffee bar is a phenomenon that has been very popular for many years. Meanwhile new coffee bars all over the world are opening so fast that the triple-shot, soy, no foam latte can’t keep track. The Metro café has been open since last summer in the basement of the Bijenkorf. It’s a nice place, where you can have a coffee while enjoying a piece of cake.  They also serve small bites for lunch and because of the location, Metro Café’s new take-away concept is therefore the perfect solution when you need something quick.

The big difference is that with a latte milk is being added to the coffee and
with a latte macchiato a shot of espresso to the milk

The first thing that caught my eye was how friendly the personal was. The young barista smiled friendly from behind the counter while asking me how my day was. I asked what the difference was between a latte and a latte macchiato. ‘The big difference is that with a latte milk is being added to the coffee and with a latte macchiato a shot of espresso to the milk’. Since it was still early, I ordered a latte macchiato with a double shot of espresso. He asked me if I wanted to take it away or drink here. When I answered that I would stay here. I was kindly told to take a seat and that the barista will bring me the coffee.


Metro Café has a pleasant atmosphere. The mint green walls, wooden table blocks and couches with soft pillows give you an intimate feeling, but on the other side the big windows will give you an open and cosmopolitan feeling! The barista came to bring me my coffee and I asked him about something what I saw on the menu: the naked espresso. He explained: ‘the naked espresso is not a common coffee that is served in The Netherlands.

Metro Café is the perfect place to discover new flavours

The coffee is not flowing, as usual, through the metal gapings into your cup, because that would possibly allow a bit of the coffee flavour to lose its strong taste. It flows ‘naked’ out of the machine. By doing so the coffee tastes more pure, powerful, intense, creamier and makes it a very unique way of making coffee’. Although I don’t really like strong coffee, next time I will for sure try it out!

Because of the collaboration between Bijenkorf and the coffee brand Illy, you can purchase a small assortment of coffee supplies for at home. Think about Illy espresso mugs, espresso capsules or if you’d like to go for something bigger a espresso machine.


While you drink your coffee, you can also browse through their wide selection of coffee books and magazines, or you can quietly work on your laptop. For anyone who appreciates carefully brewed coffee of good and durable quality, Metro Café is the perfect place to discover new flavours.

Metro café
Coolsingel 105,
3012AG, Rotterdam