Grown up with Indonesian food I was used to steaming meat, fish and desserts like bebotok, lumpur and roti kukus. Steaming is one of the most healthiest ways to prepare your food and it also preserves most of the valuable vitamins and minerals. It’s quite easy to do at home by simply using a large wok, a steam tray and a wok lid. But the most difficult part is to manage all the different recipes.

The easiest way is of course buying pre-made snacks and dishes, which you can buy at the frozen section of the Asian supermarket of Wah Nam Hong, but if you want to impress your guests it’s better to make those delicious steamed foods yourself.

With little knowledge of the Chinese kitchen I attend the “Kom op Stoom” food bloggers event, hosted by Caroline Wimmers and Masterchef Tim Kan. During this exclusive event we learned how to steam, make and appreciate “Hong Kong street style” rice stick noodles topped with sesame, hoisin and Sriracha sauce. You just need to have the right ingredients and a huge stomach because you can’t stop eating these noodles when you have tried it. (I will add the recipe below)


Check out the video for an impression of the workshop
Next to the great workshop Caroline Wimmers gave us a detailed tour throughout the whole Asian supermarket of Wah Nam Hong. She explained why and how to pre-burn your wok for better use and how to use it as a steamer.


Furthermore Caroline took us on an Asian food journey amongst the different aisles. From fresh products to drinks and snacks. She talked and showed us which products to use for medicinal soups, what kind of products to use for making your own steamed food at home and showing us products of their house brand “Kirin”. But knowing Caroline she wasn’t ready! We went to the frozen section and she introduced us to a wide range of frozen dim sums such as Gyoza, Siu Mai, Bapao and Ha Kau.

I’d like to thanks Caroline Wimmers and Chef Tim Kan for giving me the opportunity to learned more each and every day! Don’t forget the recipe below for the rice stick noodles.


“Hong Kong street style” Rice Stick Noodles. Recipe by Masterchef Tim Kan
(you can get all the products at Wah Nam Hong Asian Supermarket)

Ingredients for Rice Stick Noodles
150 gram rice flour
100 gram Chinese potato starch
25 gram Chinese Blossom flour
25 gram corn starch
375 ml water

Add on top of the rice stick noodle mixture
1 scallion

Shiso-Cress (from Kopert Cress)
Roughly cut peanuts
Hoisin sauce (Amoy)
Sriracha sauce

Ingredients Sesame sauce
2 tbsp. sesame paste
1 tbsp. Peanut butter (Skippy)
40 gram powdered sugar
2 tbsp. Rice vinegar (Amoy)
1 tsp. Salt
120 gram sesame oil

Take a medium bowl and simply mix the 4 dry ingredients with the water until an evenly paste. Leave it to rest for about 10 minutes and give it another good stir. Place your wok onto your stove, insert the steam tray, add water into the wok and let it cook (make sure the water does not touch the steam grill). Pour a small amount of the mixture onto an aluminum tray and add the chopped scallions on top. Carefully place the tray on top of the steam tray and close the wok. The rice noodles need to be steamed with the lid on for about 3-4 minutes.

In the meantime we can prepare the sesame sauce. It’s actually quite easy, mix all the ingredients into a small bowl but make sure everything is mixed well. After 3-4 minutes take to lid of the wok and see if the rice noodles are properly done. Place the tray onto your kitchen counter and carefully roll up the sides towards the middle. Cut the rice noodles into pieces. Add the sauces onto the rice noodles in the following order: sesame, hoisin and Sriracha sauce. Finish it up with the peanuts and Shiso-Cress.

Steam pan or wok
Steamer lid or wok lid
Steam tray ( specially designed for the wok)
Aluminum tray with a non-stick coating