Greg moved from Aruba to The Netherlands to pursue his dream of becoming an architect. At this moment, he is in his last year of study, working towards graduating as a construction/ engineering student. “Comparing to the island of Aruba, everything in Rotterdam is huge. Every day it feels like a metropolitan, beautiful, and modern city. The city centre is very modern, yet you see the old structure of Rotterdam infused into the new architecture. And because of that reason, being a architect lover, I chose Rotterdam as the city where I would study”.

Be sure to visit the ‘Manhattan of Rotterdam’ Kop van Zuid,
and look up to discover a new city.


“When I look outside my window, and see the beautiful Erasmus bridge, I feel lucky to live in Rotterdam. Living in one of the most architectural and developing area, Kop van Zuid, is making my life and study here even more worthwhile. This area has a bright future with many skyscrapers and business opportunities for a lot of people. That is what I love about Rotterdam, the city is giving international students and locals the opportunity to grow and develop themselves in a way no other city does. If you are in Rotterdam, be sure to visit the ‘Manhattan of Rotterdam’ Kop van Zuid, and look up to discover a new city.”



A few of Greg’s favourite places in Rotterdam

Aloha bar

“During summer this is an amazing place to visit. The old water ride and outdoor swimming pool of Tropicana is now turned into a nice indoor and outdoor bar. What I mostly like about this place is that they incorporated the new interior into the old Tropical swimming pool to preserve its beauty. Next to that, they serve delicious dishes and many of their products are grown underneath or  inside the building.”
Maasboulevard 100,



“I love industrial design and one of my favourite places to relax is at the Binnenhaven. The old warehouses, new residential buildings and different restaurants situated next to the marina are a good mix of new and old architecture together. Have a walk through this unique area and discover a different part of Rotterdam.”
Louis Pregerkade to Cargadoorskade and Vijf Werelddelen 


SS Rotterdam

“Coming from Aruba myself I’m used to seeing big cruise ships arriving to the island, but the SS Rotterdam is something totally different. Although the ship is now permanently ashore, it was part of the amazing Holland-America Line and is now written into the history of Rotterdam. Be sure to reserve a guided tour and learn more about this unique ship.”
3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25,