– Author Lena Bäunker –

„Nice ring!”, “Thanks, I got it at Swan Market” – that’s more or less a typical answer that followed quite regularly when I complemented people for their nice clothes or accessories during my first weeks in Rotterdam. Or: “I went to Swan Market the other day and bought this lovely lamp/necklace/scarf/…” Swan here, market there. I became curious: Almost every Rotterdammer I met seemed to have been there at least once and all of them brought cute little treasures and unique products back home. Wherever it was, I wanted to go there as well!

Swan here, market there. I became curious

I finally got the chance to still my curiosity during the Swan Market invited Rotterdam to its October edition. So a friend and I did not hesitate and soon were at Van Nelle Fabriek, one of the market’s impressive locations. It was a perfect sunny autumn day, so we first enjoyed coffee and lunch in the sun outside Van Nelle Fabriek, where several food trucks formed a small food market. The choice was great, but in the end we shared Falafel salad and some cake as dessert.

And inside? Lots and lots of handmade jewellery, accessories, (vintage) clothes, interior and arts. Swan Market is an offline platform for small, creative businesses which sell their lovingly made products to visitors. You can find almost everything – from pure chocolate pralines, macramé plant hangers, cute stationary, to industrial-chic-inspired furniture.

The halls of Van Nelle Fabriek (a building which is worth a visit itself!) create a very relaxed, inspiring shopping atmosphere. To the soft sound of music coming from the DJ desk, we just strolled from stand to stand and discovered many little treasures here and there. In the end, my friend and I ended up buying chocolate and earrings, which not only made us happy, but – and that’s what I love most about Swan Market – did also good for the sellers, who put so much love and effort into their products. Feels good to shop ‘local’ and support small businesses rather than big chains!

Have you missed Swan Market? No worries, the next event is going to happen soon (12th November)!

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