– Author Nefeli Mintilogliti –

Growing up in Greece, I remember learning at school about the ancient Greek tragedy. Actors used to wear masks not only to embrace the character but also to create a sense of fear to the audience. Nowadays, masks are used in several places in Greece during Mardi Gras and represent old traditions which are passed on from one generation to the next. So, when I saw that Wereldmuseum is having an exhibition called “Powermask”, I knew I had to check it out!

Walter Van Beirendonck, the guest curator of the exhibition, has always been fascinated by the power of masks as a simple way to change your identity. Through the exhibition, he wanted to present the different functions of masks, the connection between visual art and African masks, the supernatural and the rituals around the masks as well as the way masks are used in the contemporary fashion.

The setup of the exhibition is well-thought and the visitor is intrigued from the first moment as he steps in and sees the Spaghetti Man.

Spaghetti Man, by Paul McCarthy, 1993

The visitor can see masks from popular films, like the mask of Darth Vader from Star Wars and the Ghostface mask from Scream, masks used by singers like Kylie Minogue and Björk, as well as clothes and masks by fashion designers.


A combination of life-size blow-ups of historical photographs taken in Oceania with comparable masks from the Wereldmuseum’s collection. The exhibition runs until 7th January 2018 at the Wereldmuseum, Willemskade 22-25, and is worth visiting!

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