Good morning everyone! If you’re on your way to work don’t forget to take a Metro Newspaper because today because I am featured in it with my instant noodles recipe. As a lot of you know I’m hooked on those little packages. Many people think that they are only for poor students but I am here to prove you wrong!

Last week journalist Ellen Mannens and photographer Floris Scheplitz of Metro newspaper came to visit me at home to ask “what is your favourite recipe”? I immediately answered instant noodles. There are of course many recipes to be made from it but I prepared them my instant noodles with chicken thigh filet marinated in soy sauce, red pepper and garlic.


Many people think that the instant noodles packages are only eaten by poor students who have no money, but I, as an Indonesian, started eating this since I can remember. In Indonesia you can order it in a restaurant, on the beach or at a Warung. It’s quick, easy and most importantly delicious! This recipe I inherited from my parents, and we eat it with soup or without as how we say it ‘dry noodles’. Together with my partner, who I also made addicted to it, we prepare this easy dish many times when friends are visiting us.

So check out the Metro newspaper of today and let me know what you think.