I have lived in different cities such as Paris and London and travelled to many other countries, but Rotterdam has given me a new home, a new place where I can be myself in a urban setting. It has given me love!

To clear my mind from daily activities I’d like to go for a jog in the Kralingse Bos. Here you have a nice jogging path all around the Kralingse Plas with some amazing views. During your jog you can spot a deer-park, shing pond, people on subs or sailing on the water and if you’re halfway you will have a great view of the city centre.

You need to find the hidden gems in the city

At first I was not a big fan of the city. People were to direct and the city had, in my mind, no passion because everything seemed grey to me. Now I know that you have to experience Rotterdam. You need to find the hidden gems in the city. I would recommend visitors of Rotterdam to rent a bike and go around the city to explore new places. I find it easier to move around and experience much more than taking public transportation. Also I would recommend to take the waterbus and go to Kinderdijk.