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Léon Keekstra a.k.a. Stadsbemoeial is a true hospitality professional. He worked his way from Food&Beverage manager in Amsterdam, all the way to General Manager in Manila, The Philippines, where he worked for several years. As “Stadsbemoeial” of Rotterdam, (loosely translated as city interferer) he runs a website in which he and his fellow hospitality  friends review, improve, relate and help public places to become more service and hospitality minded. Léon Keekstra is our first guest blogger who will be seen regularly on our blog. Today he is reporting from Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Sometimes you get shown a little piece of heaven…

Like it was the case in Fach in Bratislava. In the middle of the historic town of the capital of Slovakia there is such a coffeebar. One of those places where everything seems to be right, from the barista’s beard to the water taps in the comfort rooms. But it wasn’t just right, it lead you to something else…


In a country where flavours aren’t (yet) very excitingly put on the menus,
the men and ladies in Fach nailed it to the beat.


I was looking for a place to work with my colleague and we landed in this “office” for the day. We started our day with a delicious cup of coffee, followed by an amazing cold yoghurt, avocado, prawn, mint-oil soup. Velvet is the best way to describe the texture when this heavenly soup hit my mouth. With a smooth acidity, crisp freshness, tingling and asking for more.


We divided the lunch in two and chose a fresh ravioli with wild garlic, beef and nice fresh garden greens. And I chose the sourdough sandwich with egg spread and anchovies. Again a mouth watering experience and treat for the tastebuds. This all came with a homemade lemonade of eldeflower, cucumber and a touch of ginger.



In a country where flavours aren’t (yet) very excitingly put on the menus, the men and ladies in Fach nailed it to the beat. Service is impeccable, plugs for laptops almost every inch of the place, delicious ambient music that isn’t disturbing, but also not hidden behind the chats of the other guests.



This is all without even mentioning the prestine decor. I would never send anyone to Bratislava. But if your destination is here anyways… Do not forget to pass through these gates of the food-and-beverage-heaven called Fach.


Fach Bratislava
Ventúrska ulica 10
Mozartov dom
Bratislava I.

Mo/ Wed: 9:30 – 20:00
Th / Sat: 9:30 – 22:00
Sun: 9:30 – 20:00


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