Rotterdam is a big city and sometimes it is hard to get around as a family. Coming from the small town of Steenbergen, I have learned first-hand how to deal with the people, the culture and its city. At first I had quite some troubles adjusting, everything was BIG and overwhelming. I had to get used to the Rotterdammers and the directness of the people. I started living in Rotterdam North, the perfect place where you still have that homely feeling what I was used to.

There is always something fun to do, the city is alive! You could go to the children’s farm in Kralingse Bos, have an ice-cream at The IJssalon in The Markthal, which is my daughter’s favourite. Visit Hotel New York, for it has a pleasant atmosphere for families, de Ballebak playground in Rotterdam South or just have a walk on de Boompjeskade where you can experience the beauty of the city.

My kids will grow up with the knowledge of each and every culture

What I most like about Rotterdam is that you see so many different cultures living together and, because of that, you have different events and things to do. As for my kids, they will grow up with the knowledge of each and every culture and I think that is an important aspect for the future. If you ask me for advice about travelling with kids to Rotterdam, don’t be afraid! It is a big metropolitan city with a lot of options for families. Ask around and anyone is willing to help you out.