I’d like to use this opportunity to thank both of my parents, John and Lanny Leurs, who have always told me to pursue my dreams, no matter what! They have been, and still are, a huge inspiration to me and my siblings.

At the age of 17 and 13 my parents moved to The Netherlands from Indonesia. Arriving in a small country, where the weather was much colder, the food tasted differently and the people were taller than they were used to; it was safe to say they experienced a culture shock. By staying positive, seeing the good in people and working hard, they pursued their own dreams of having a happy life with loving and caring people surrounding them.

They shared a common passion for cooking and it became their dream to open a restaurant where they would serve authentic Indonesian food, so that people could taste their culture. In 1980 that is exactly what they did. Their rst restaurant was called: Rumah Makan Surabaya (eating house Surabaya), and it was a great success. In the following years, it was noticed by many events, newspapers and, most importantly, the people. They liked the dishes my parents served, such as rendang, sambal goreng tempeh, telor bali and nasi kuning.


They decided to close the restaurant in 1984, because running the restaurant became a challenge when looking after three small children. This didn’t stop them letting other people taste their food. In the years after they catered for companies, birthdays and individuals. What I remember from that time is that the whole family was involved in the process. It was a family quality time activity.

My dad always says: “work hard, stay focussed and never give up on your dreams, one day your name will be in neon letters!” I always laugh when he says that. But hey! You never know what the future will bring.